Mrs. Gibbs

Responses from parents in Maryborough

Mrs Trish Milne – “Booknook Blue provides an excellent catalyst for reaching the children’s skills – whether in a writing capacity or in a drawing one, or even dramatic one. It continues to attract inquisitive minds to explore books. What I see as the biggest challenges facing Booknook Blue is its capacity to appeal to so many different children, each from unique backgrounds, inevitable bringing so many different interests.”

Mrs Narelle Lightbody – “ For the past two and half years I have had two girls involved in Margaret Gibbs and her Booknook Blue club. I have found the club to be of great benefit for my children. They have always looked forward to going and enjoy the club immensely. The resource material Katrina and Kirsty have obtained from Margaret has been used on several occasions for their school projects, lecturettes and just for general sharing and information. We have found the information was of interest to both the children and teachers. During the course of the book club, Margaret has told the children titles and authors who write and illustrate for specific ages and interests. I have found that this has made it easier for the girls to be able to confidently choose their own books both at bookshops and our local library. Since attending the book club I have found that they are now also reading a greater variety of books. The girls always feel safe and happy in the warm and caring environment that Margaret manages to create at every book club. I know both girls and myself will miss Margaret and her family when they leave the town.”

Mrs Ruth Lighbody – Oh Margaret, I do passionately believe in the value of reading for children. Books stimulate imagination so much. Pictures of the past in people’s own words awaken an interest in history. Books inevitably increase a child’s vocabulary and appreciation of language. In fact, I believe the ability to read is magical, because the wisdom and knowledge of the ages can be found in books and oh! The sheer enjoyment.”

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