Mrs. Gibbs

The Hope Tree


A seed

Timely washed and renewed with rain
Soon a green shoot grows
Bursting through the air like a mighty warrior
Proud, fierce, strong

Where there was death
A chance of life

Across the burnt and stricken land
Of black trees and scarred hills
Cracked earth and sweaty rocks
Blistering Sky
Grows a tree that has won the battle

The hope tree lives on

6 Responses to “The Hope Tree”

  1. Sai Yarlagadda Says:

    Well written poem with touching and very emotive personification.

  2. kim Says:

    Loved the poem.Did you write it?


  3. Margot Says:

    Very touching and thought provoking

  4. Star Says:

    I loved this poem.
    The substance and tone is my favourite part of the poem it’s really uplifiting-“where there is death a chance of life”, and “the hope tree lives on”. I think its a great poem to read on those bad days when everything seems to be going wrong.
    I also liked the metaphor “bursting through the air like a mighty warrior”. It paints a vivid picture in my mind, and goes along with the theme of the tree fighting a battle with its enviroment, suggested in the 12th line.

  5. Kristian Says:

    Very uplifting love the poem.
    Great concept and I love the photo that goes with it

  6. Karl Holland Says:

    Very inspiriting poem. You should write a poem about gardening

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