Mrs. Gibbs

At Home with Margaret

A book that means a lot to me –   Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Graeme.

Books I love to read aloud  –  Dr Seuss books , Under Milkwood by Dylan Thomas, Margaret Mahy and The Psalms.

What I do when I’m not reading  –  cooking, interior decorating, planning a trip, playing with grand children

The best part of the day  –  morning and I like sunset.

The thing I like about my home –   colour, openness, views, garden; comfort and art.

Fond childhood memories –  riding my bike, doing craft, beach holidays.

I enjoy writing because it makes sense to me. It allows me to express many emotions. It pushes me to think, play and discover new words and language.

My guiltiest pleasure at home –    cheese.

Passionate about – love of God, art and design books, good cuisine.

My favourite magazine –  Australia Country Style,  New Zealand House and Garden.

Sometimes I am annoyed by greed, swearing, rudeness and long queues.

My garden –  fragrance, herbs, passionfruit, roses, lavender and weeds!

My blog –  romancingwithgrandma – love writing it. Follow with me.

Travel wishes –  Provence, Japan and Italy, the Kimberleys and Art Centres outback.

Music –  Celtic, Blues, The Beatles, Neil Diamond and The Bee Gees, Gospel.

Grumpy when –  I lose things, cannot see easily and expect too much of myself.

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