Mrs. Gibbs

Letters From Authors

I love receiving letters and emails from authors. It’s the things they say, like "so much of what counts in the end is perseverance and bearing up under criticism and rejection." (Lisa Shanahan)
Or "it sounds like you got a good rejection letter as far as rejections can ever be good" Lisa makes her remarks helpful and interesting. She is a mother like me and relates funny stories about her children. Her letters are positive, uplifting and amusing.

Meredith Costain, Melbourne children’s writer sends greeting from her household and pets. She answers questions in a simple and straightforward manner. I appreciate the contacts we have made since The Reading Matters Conference where I had dinner with her and friends. Paul Collins her partner and fantasy writer sends his cheers too.

When Raindance by Cathy Applegate was published, I was over the moon with an email from this author. She covered my questions one by one. How difficult was it to write Raindance? Do you read your story aloud while you are writing it? Did you ever change your mind about how the story would develop after you stated it? Cathy had lots to share about writing and her favourite picture book author is Margaret Wild. She thanked me for my interest and support.

I have also received letters from Mem Fox, Joanne Horniman, Garry Disher, Michael Gerard Bauer and Wendy Orr.

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