Mrs. Gibbs

Writing to Authors

Over the years I have enjoyed writing to many authors. I share my tips with you.
If writing a letter, be polite, friendly and sensible with your questions. Your letter should be concise, not too lengthy. Know what they have written and currently writing. Be informed of recent awards. Offer congratulations. Look forward to a response, although they are busy people with deadlines.

With emails, avoid long letters. Let them know you recently met them or are reading one of their books. Offer praise and ask for encouragement or help. They are usually keen to suggest something to support you. Conclude in a courteous manner, for example, best wishes, kindest regards, looking forward to hearing from you again.

Keep an author address book. Include business cards or email contacts. Phone numbers.

Authors enjoy receiving photographs of their book launch.

Keep a photocopy of your letter. It may come in handy one day for reference.

Writing to an author is a special privilege. On my trip to Italy in 2001 I sat next to children’s writer Margaret Beames on a coach tour. She is an award winning writer who lives in New Zealand. Margaret and I still write to each other and share news. She has encouraged me to think about VOICE, VIEWPOINT and writing in different GENRES. We swap photos, lists and information that help us both. Check out her books. You won’t be disappointed.

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