Mrs. Gibbs

Poetry Club for Teenagers

Poetry club for teenagers called…Girl’s Room ( for girls) & Voice Male ( for boys)
It’s an online monthly site that connects you with contemporary poems based on the teenage experience. Mrs Gibbs, a teacher and poet herself, invites you to comment on a poem that she has written based on her time talking to students. There are issue poems on matters of the heart, as well as everyday school, family and friendship topics. From bad experiences to good experiences, poetry can help keep you together. It can provide an opportunity to express your fears, concerns and joys. I hope you find these poems meaningful as they help to make sense of the world around you. Perhaps you can identify with one. Good luck! If poetry is not your thing, then try writing down a simple diary entry. It’s not that hard to turn it around and make it a poem, not always rhyming of course!

WHY poetry?

We learn about our feelings. It helps us to understand ourselves. It’s creative when we can play with word pictures. As Robert Frost says, “Poetry begins as a lump in the throat.”

Poetry can be written as a gift for others, or simply for ourselves. Poetry tingles, tantalises and torments you.

WELCOME TO THE POET’S PAGE WHERE YOU CAN CONTRIBUTE YOUR POEMS about issues and topics that concern you. Every month there will be some new poems written by mrs gibbs for you to read and comment on. You can contribute your own poem on something that interests you. Mrs Gibbs will also offer you a few writing tips to help you.

Let’s Start

EXERCISE 1 Starter

1  Choose a picture, photo or postcard.
2  Write 6 words associated with this picture
3  Add colour and smell to the words.
4  Read aloud your ideas. Brainstorm with a friend.
5  swap ideas and use the best response to start your poem.
6  have a go at writing a short poem (8 lines) with the picture image as the final line.

EXERCISE 2 Cut and Paste Poem
1  Cut out magazine/ newspaper headlines
2  arrange and cut up words
3  cut up the middle of a word and add to beginning
4  choose one letter eg M
5  Now write a poem with M in the title.
6  Have fun and see where it takes you!

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