Mrs. Gibbs

Voice MALE

My tennis life (for Kristian)

Thursday, July 21st, 2016

Looking out the window

seeing the balls fly high

soaring like a bird

into the blue, clear sky


The game is in my heart

every hit, whack! and serve

scoring to a glorious win

the slam , game set, I deserve


Tennis – it means the world to me

my passion, speed and might

controlling the dashing ball

directing its winning flight


Whether a loss or a victory

I fight to achieve my goals

to squash that dreaded fear

as the competiton unfolds.


Tennis is the game that delights, excites and fuels my life!.




The Tree

Tuesday, May 31st, 2016

My earth bound roots supported my thrust into the sky;

There I stood majestic til the forester came by.

His arm with lethal weapon brought me crashing down,

To cut me up and shape me for planks to grace the town

This might of forest beauty now holds their garden beds,

My spirit resting quietly, where human footfalls tread.

Lovers locked together upon my smoother boards,

neath silver moon their love will soon be my one reward.



My Sanctuary – the garden

Monday, May 30th, 2016

There’s a place of quiet beauty

fragrant and so green


it’s my ever growing garden

spectacular view and scene


A place where time stands still

of mauve and red and white

leaves uncurling, daisies winking

palms dancing in the light


The garden is a treasure trove

of  lacy butterfly wing

The smells of lemons and lavender

the unexpected sting


Did God paint this amazing canvas?

the senses to delight

where roses bud and birds call out

a blessed and bountiful sight.


DIY WALL ( for Karl)

Monday, May 30th, 2016

My best work in the garden

is my wall

a tower to heaven; a bridge of wood; a magic stronghold

This thing of beauty grew from the ground

my hands and tools shaped its form,

digging, sleepers, concrete and screws

a spirit level and crushed stone

foundation strong and true –

measuring, planning and finished – a garden feature

proud and perfect. Made by ME!

The Hope Tree

Monday, April 13th, 2009


A seed

Timely washed and renewed with rain
Soon a green shoot grows
Bursting through the air like a mighty warrior
Proud, fierce, strong

Where there was death
A chance of life

Across the burnt and stricken land
Of black trees and scarred hills
Cracked earth and sweaty rocks
Blistering Sky
Grows a tree that has won the battle

The hope tree lives on (more…)