Mrs. Gibbs

Margaret’s tips for running a book club

  • Engage everyone’s ideas.
  • Be organised with notes, questions etc
  • Encourage conversation and creativity.
  • Round the group thoughts and opinions works, although vary this approach.
  • Appreciate different points of view.
  • Make use of your ladies’ backgrounds when discussing books/ characters.
  • Introduce a fun game or quiz.
  • Have theme evenings and rewards/ little gift surprises help.
  • Offer to share your book, Have a book buddy for spending/ reading.
  • Phone and email to let people know what is happening.
  • Change the scenery occasionally, eg have book club in a coffee shop
  • Keep the evening book related.
  • Organise a supper roster.
  • Let ladies know when a book needs to be returned.
  • Allow opinions and attitudes to be freely expressed.
  • Foster understanding and tolerate  last minute disappointments when ladies cancel. Persevere and be passionate about reading!
  • Choose variety – murder, travel, autobiography, family, romance etc
  • Share author visits, launches and awards.
  • Provide reading lists for the avid reader.
  • Welcome the delight of becoming a stronger reader!

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