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Meeting Authors

Emily Rodda

Emily Rodda

What a privilege it is to catch up and meet interesting authors. They are average people like you and me, however they use their talent, passion and determination to write books and stories for your pleasure. I mostly meet authors at book launches, conferences like Voices on the Coast at the Sunshine Coast or Somerset Literature festival at Mudgeeraba. I have met authors in England, Canada and Perth, Melbourne and Sydney.

Meeting authors is exciting, scary, fascinating and humbling.


Meeting authors in queues, dinner tables, book signings, lecture rooms, sipping champagne, at shops.

Here are some authors I have met personally. Sorry for those whom I have left out!

James Moloney
Markus Zusak
Isobelle Carmody
Joanne Horniman
Alison Lester
Lisa Shanahan
Boori Monty Prior
Garry Disher
Anne Spudvalis
Sonya Hartnett
Libby Hathorn
David and Christine Harris
Ursula Dubosarsky
Greg Rogers
Margaret Clark
Tamora Pierce
Meme Macdonald
Berlie Doherty
David metzenthen
Gary Crew
Margaret Wild
Paul Jennings
Phillip Gwyne
Duncan Ball
Adeline Yen Mah
Anthony Eaton
Catherine Bateson
Melina Marchetta
Pat Flynn
Li Cun Xin
John Marsden
Sue Gough
Gillian Rubinstein
Peter McFarlane
Tim Winton
Brian Caswell
Steven Herrick
Geoffrey McSkimming
Elizabeth Honey
Simon Higgins
Christobel Mattingley
Jackie French
Maureen McCarthy
Hazel Edwards
Garth Nix
John Boyne
Emma Quay
Jeannie Baker
David Miller
Leigh Hobbs
Sofie Laguna
Leonie Norrington
Carole and Lili Wilkinson
Paul Collins
Janeen Webb
Narelle Oliver
Matt Ottley
Michelle Kim Toft
Glenda Millard
Jill Morris
Brigid Lowry
Ruth Stark
Diane Bates
Colin Thompson
Jane Tanner
Pamela Allen
Rod Clement
Nette Hilton
Lauren ChildShaun Tan

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