Mrs. Gibbs

Writing Tips from other Writers

  • "Less is more" Peter McFarlane
  • Know your character so well Rebecca Sparrow
  • Use humour to level a tragedy Phillip Gwyne
  • Keep a journal – write everything that motivates and moves you. Submit your work. Swap work. Read. Never stop writing. Write down words that fascinate you. Have fun writing! Catherine Bateson
  • Believe in yourself Adeline Yen Mah
  • Stalk your dreams – hunt them down. Keep persisting Michael Bauer
  • Let the book sit for a while before handing it over to a publisher Isobelle Carmody
  • Read out the dialogue to an audience to see reactions John Hefferman
  • I play theme music to give me inspiration Catherine Jinks
  • Take something you know and use your imagination Emily Rodda
  • Be prepared to change your ideas as the story emerges Gary Crew
  • Secret of writing is to rewrite David Metzenthen
  • Try participant- observation- where you go and do. Then write about it often. Hazel Edwards

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